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Mobile Mechanic

  1. Fully Mobile
    Fully Mobile
    We come to you, so sit back and let us do the hard work. Covering Telford and the surrounding areas we are only one call away.
  2. Servicing
    We have many servicing options avalable, so contact us today and we can advise the best service for you and your vehicle.
  3. Diagnostics
    Using the most up to date diagnostic equipment we can communicate to your vehicle and identify the fault and take the appropriate action.
  4. Tuning / modifying
    Tuning / modifying
    With plenty of experience in building and restoring classic and modern high performance vehicles we have the knowledge and experience to help you.
  5. Air Conditioning
    Air Conditioning
    Being certified in refrigerent handling we can carry out any Air Conditioning servicing and repairs.
  6. MOT Testing
    MOT Testing
    MOT testing arrangements available. We also carry out pre MOT inspections for peace of mind.
  7. Timing belt renewal
    Timing belt renewal
    Ensuring your timing belt is replaced at the correct intervals is very important due to the high repair cost if one was to fail. We can advise and replace when it is due to be changed.